Infrared cabin


The infrared sauna cabin works in a different way from the traditional sauna: it is not the ambient air that is heated, but rather rays produced by panels which transmit their heat directly to your body.

Unlike the gas sauna, wood-fired sauna and electric sauna, the infrared sauna does not heat the air in the cabin, but only your body using radiation.

So, the temperature in the cabin is much lower than in a conventional sauna: between 30 and 50 ° C. A real pleasure for people who would feel oppressed by the high temperatures of a classic sauna. And this while maintaining the recognized benefits for the human body:

  • cleansing of the body (nicotine, alcohol, toxins …)
  • muscle relaxation
  • help with weight loss (calorie burning)

Other advantages of the infrared sauna:

  • a lower cost compared to a traditional sauna
  • lower energy consumption
  • less space to plan for its installation (due to its design, it is not necessary to have benches to enjoy maximum relaxation)