• Piscine traditionnelle 4

With an exceptional lifespan, tailor-made and infinitely customizable, the traditional swimming pool is undoubtedly the best quality / price ratio available on the market.

Whether for an indoor or outdoor pool, choose the shape, dimensions and depths you want. Then personalize your pool with, for example: a staircase, a resting area, lighting, a roller shutter, etc.

Round, oval, rectangular, square, swimming lane, free form… the only limit in the shapes of swimming pools available is your imagination!

Our concrete pools are made using Stépoc blocks: hollow concrete formwork blocks in which we apply metal reinforcements and then pour concrete. This technique produces solid walls and stables that can withstand the pressures exerted by water and soil.

Since the traditional swimming pool is a long-term family project, it should be thought about and prepared well in advance. We are obviously here to advise you throughout your thought process. You can consult our page Our practical advice to find some answers already.